Introducing the PBM

How do you choose your bridesmaids? I remember I spoke about it at my wedding all those *cough* years ago.

I dearly love the three of them and try my best to keep up with their lives, loves and families. This happens more sporadically than I would like with one of them – but she doesn’t seem to live her life through social media, text messaging or Whats App (my most often used forms of communication). Apparently she has a life in the ‘real world’ and I need to actually pick up a telephone and call her, which I do too rarely. My bad.

Another, my fabulous cousin, is –  well – a family member so we’re good on the contact front.

The third is the Prettiest Bridesmaid (PBM) – sorry girls, she claimed it first.

I don’t remember word for word what was said on that most fun of afternoons, sadly my memory is a little foggy & I no longer have a machine that will play the VHS version of my no doubt brilliant speech (note to self – need the dvd version) but what I could have said was

‘I chose Freya because in 13 years time I think we should go to New York and run a marathon together’.

I would have had that marquee in stitches I tell you, the assembled folk even while there to celebrate my special day would have been laughing more at me perhaps, rather than with me. I am not a runner of any note, never have been, never will be, in fact in the very same speech, I remember announcing my retirement from Triathlons, after completing just one (mini) event.  A retirement decision I have not found need to reverse in the intervening years.

On the other hand the PBM – runs, looks like a runner, enjoys it as a key form of exercise and is currently well into her training plan, texting me on a regular basis with pertinent updates. In May she completed the Sydney Half Marathon in just under two hours, two hours flat or something ridiculously speedy for five months to go until the big one.

I would have asked her to climb a mountain with me last year, but she’d already done it, she has also done Everest Base camp and various other physical challenge items that people tend to have in their bucket lists. You get the picture here, the PBM is going to make it, quite smartly – I will be many miles behind at the finish, which is obviously my plan so I can have my own personal cheer squad to run out and pull me get me over the line. I have learnt lessons from Kili, it’s about finishing rather than finishing first, which lets face it I will leave to professionals and Olympic Gold medallists.

When we were discussing (I may have been begging) whether we would do it together, ie attend the same race on the same day, the PBM had just one requirement.

‘We have to finish faster than Katie Holmes’.

She had the stat – 5 hours 29 minutes 58 seconds.

Lets just say in completing the New York Marathon Katie Holmes and I will have one thing in common – training for three months beforehand.

As to the number, I am hoping that the we can agree to a compromise along the lines of adding and dividing our times to a point where we can say ‘on average we both ran faster than Katie Holmes‘.

So PBM after my first ‘long run’ (which was actually only an hour) in my new city and country of residence this week I have you down for around the 4 hour mark.

I think that’s fair warning.

PBM – the runner, 13 short years ago. She didn’t choose the outfit or the pose but she was such a good sport and I didn’t tell her I was using this photo

2 thoughts on “Introducing the PBM

  1. She DOES just about live up to the title in that photo!… ;) Lots of love, PR (Prettiest Reader) [Should I print this out and post to Trudos to read?? ;) ]

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