The Marathon that wasn’t

It’s all in the history books now.

Monday October 29, Hurricane Sandy landed ashore in the New York, New Jersey coastal areas and beyond causing untold (if we can even use that word anymore with so many kinds of mobile social media) damage, loss and destruction.

Thursday November 1, while controversy was swirling like the remnants of the storm about the increasingly unpopular decision to keep the 2012 NYC Marathon on schedule I boarded a plane to Sydney rather than my scheduled one to New York.

Friday November 2, instead of a joyous and long planned reunion in New York, the PBM picked me up from the arrivals terminal at Sydney airport and drove me ‘home’ to Mum.

The PBM hadn’t been able to make the trip to New York because of travel chaos with ever changing flights and schedules and two of the three major airports being flooded and shut down. She had planned the time off so she used it to chauffeur me to my waiting family. I could not have driven after that flight and knowing what was to come. I am more than a little bit grateful she was there for me, that day and in the days and weeks to come. Really the PBM has been there for me ever since she declared me a scowl-ly person who was nicer than my face led her to believe in the halls of college at University twenty years ago.

Friday November 2 New York time, they cancelled the 2012 NYC Marathon. The runners already in town having managed to negotiate various travel methods to arrive had already picked up their numbers and were ready to go. Instead of running on Sunday November 4, over the weekend they joined numerous clean up efforts to help out the area so battered by the storm.

Jodi Lee Foundation CEO Nick Lee was one of those in town to run and kindly did a touch of souvenir shopping for me. Now I have a small but important memory of the marathon that never was. I don’t think I sent a thank you – I’ll put that on the list.

11/04/2012 as they say in these parts

11/04/2012 as they say in these parts

Wednesday November 7 Australian time, Tuesday November 6 – US time when the Presidential Elections were underway I was having an awkward conversation with the lady in the Bunnings paint section about these colours


and how much you might need for this

Hot pink to match her shoes

Hot pink, it’s a theme

as it turns out we didn’t use as much as we thought of the highlight colour but were pretty happy with the results just the same.


The world has changed forever.

On November 3rd 2013 I will run the NY Marathon.

I have started my search for just the right pair of hot pink shoes to do it in, once I find those I PROMISE I will start training seriously.

Watch this space…..


6 thoughts on “The Marathon that wasn’t

  1. heartfelt as always. I think I might put this on our travel plan list. We’ve been meaning to get the kids to NYC

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