NYC November 4th, 2012 – apparently there’s a marathon that day

39, 000 runners

2,000,000 spectators

26.2 miles / 42.195 kilometres

No official ‘cut off’ time, I knew there was a reason that I entered this one, but the official clock is turned off 10 hours after the race starts

David Lee Roth, Lance Armstrong (OK he’s an actual athlete), Haruki Murakami, P Diddy, Scarlett Johannsen, Ryan Reynolds, Alanis Morissette  and Katie Holmes (we will come back to her at a later date) have all done it before

41 medical stations – carrying five tons of ice, 13,475 adhesive bandages and 390 tubs of vaseline

80 photographers take up to 450,000 photos of racers

Internationally televised with 315,000,000 viewers

Has its own iApp to follow individual runners

Its New York baby- go big or go home!

Am currently hiding under the bed pretending its not happening…

Mid-life crisis continuing, false courage after summiting Kili, the world’s worst excuse for a trip to New York with a girlfriend (yes, once again I have a partner in crime), all possible explanations of the decision making process.

I only have to do 26 more weeks of training, one international move with my family, two stints in temporary housing and another full summer holidays with the kids in a new city where I know a total of three people (all of whom I have only met once).

You see – even you are wincing at the computer screen now aren’t you?

Follow the crazy journey right here – from the comfort of your own couch. Its bound to be a maniacal laugh a minute.

ps – this doesn’t mean the Kili posts are over, there’s still so many details to share

pps – the blog is now officially in a ‘state of transition’ between ‘Off to climb a mountain’ and ‘One mountain, One marathon’, it will keep developing at the same rate as my technical skills….slowly (I may have to seek advice from the 9 year old at some stage)