How to donate

For the New York marathon as with my Kili climb I am helping raise funds for the The Jodi Lee Foundation to support Bowel Cancer awareness and early detection.

If you would like to donate to support me you can go here to The Jodi Lee Foundation, New York Marathon – Nikki Moffitt sponsorship page.

I am hoping (with fingers crossed very tightly) to get one sponsor per kilometre and promise to dedicate my thoughts for that whole 1000 metres to you and your sponsorship, 42 and a bit times. Feel free to choose your kilometre – if its early, the thoughts will probably be happy ones, if its further on in the race – I can’t guarantee we will be able to talk about them later, but I can guarantee that having someone and something to think about will definitely help me reach the end. Thinking about the people sponsoring and supporting me was key to me summiting Kili, especially after I fell out of the main climbing group on summit night. As I may be a little behind the leading pack during the marathon too, given people have finished marathons in far less time than I have taken to complete a half marathon before, all thoughts and support and ideas to pass your special kilometre are welcome!

If you read The Why you will know why awareness of bowel cancer is the cause I am supporting and that I am dedicating this run to my friend Sarah, my Mum and Jodi.

If you sponsor me – if you don’t, if you are reading this page, if a friend of a friend is reading this page and mentions it to you I ask only one thing, get tested. 

Some facts from the Jodi Lee Foundation website about Bowel Cancer are below –

  • Australia has the highest incidence of bowel cancer in the world
  • 1 person dies from bowel cancer every 2 hours, that’s about 5,000 people every year
  • Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death in Australia after lung cancer
  • 1 in 12 Australians will develop bowel cancer in their lifetime
  • Bowel cancer affects more people than breast cancer and cervical cancer combined
  • Bowel cancer can affect anyone at any age
  • Many people do not experience any symptoms until the cancer becomes more advanced or has spread
  • Early detection saves lives – if diagnosed early, 90 per cent of cases can be cured
  • You should never be told by your doctor that you are too young to have bowel cancer

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